Training and Medical Education

At Eacham Medical Centre we are committed to the ongoing development of the medical workforce of North Queensland.

From time to time we have medical students attached to the practice. They may be invited to sit in on consultations. Patients are always given complete freedom to decline the presence of a student at their consultation.

Registrars in General Practice Training

We are a training centre for Generalist Medical Training (GMT), our regional General Practice Training organisation.

We provide a supportive learning environment of the highest quality for registrars at all stages of training. 

All GPs at the practice are accredited supervisors. Dr Peter Hickey is also a Medical Educator for GMT, with responsibility for the overall provision of medical education to all registrars located on the Tablelands. 

Registrars interested in a placement at our practice should contact us by clicking the button below.

Patients booking in at Eacham Medical Centre asking about Generalist Medical Training

Information for Patients

Registrars who are employed at the practice are fully qualified doctors undergoing further training in the speciality area of General Practice.

If you would like more information, please contact our practice by clicking the button below.